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Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using this website.   

The www.weddinggiftsdirect.com.au (WGD) and www.anygiftsdirect.com.au (AGD) websites are owned and operated by Wedding Gifts Direct Pty Ltd (ACN 093 107978). By using these websites and/or by ticking the "I have read and agreed to all of the Wedding Gifts Directs Terms and Conditions" box, the registrant/s confirm they have read, understood and agreed to all the Terms and Conditions set out below. Wedding Gifts Direct (WGD) will make your gift registry as quick, easy and as much fun as possible for you and your guests, but there are Terms and Conditions, explanations and information below which you need to be aware of, understand and agree to before registering with Wedding Gifts Direct. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the word gift/s does not apply to Wishing Well/cash contributions or third party vouchers. Please take time to carefully read and understand the Terms and Conditions before registering, and do not hesitate to contact us for further explanation and clarification should you not understand anything or have any questions. WGD takes no responsibility and cannot be held liable should you fail to do so.

Online Registration and Registry Setup

Online and in store consultation, registration and gift registry setup is free and without obligation to the registrant(s).

Discontinued Gifts

Gifts listed on this website are an indication of their availability and pricing at that time, however both their availability and pricing may change without prior notice. Home wares are trend and season driven and suppliers frequently discontinue/change their stock/product ranges without prior notice, a situation which is beyond WGD's control and is common to all retailers and department stores. Where a gift has been purchased by a guest/registrant/s and it is later found to be discontinued/ unavailable, WGD will offer replacement gift(s) to the same value or an AGD credit voucher which can be used to purchase alternative gift(s) and is valid for one year from date of issue unless otherwise agreed by WGD. WGD will not source discontinued/unavailable gifts or provide gift vouchers from any other retailer or department store. Cash refunds will not be made to registrants/guests for any reason/under any circumstance other than those described below under 'Cancelled Events'. WGD will not notify guests who have purchased discontinued/ unavailable gifts that the gifts have been exchanged for other gifts. Gifts outside the then existing WGD product range will not be sourced after the wedding/event date.

Managing a gift registry on line

Registrant(s) can manage their gift registry either online (through their website login) or by emailing/phoning WGD, including the adding/removing gifts, adjusting gift quantities and closing/finalising their gift registry. Registrant(s) can view guest purchases made and receive emailed ‘guest purchase’ alerts. Requests to source/add additional items to a gift registry which are not already listed on the website will only be dealt with before the event date. Wedding Gifts Direct offers two gift delivery options. The first is the Standard Delivery option which allows registrants to add to but not remove gifts or shares (where all the shares have been purchased) purchased when closing and finalising their registry online. The second is the Exchange Delivery option which allows registrants to add to and remove/exchange gifts when closing and finalising their registry online.  Online registrations will automatically default to the Standard Delivery option unless the Exchange Delivery option is selected by the registrant/s. Registrants cannot change the delivery option selected after guests have begun purchasing gifts from their registry.

Closing and finalising a gift registry on line

Registrant(s) must close and finalise their gift registry online after their event to receive their gifts. WGD is not responsible for reminding registrants to do so and it is the registrants decision as to when they choose to do so - WGD recommend that this is not left longer than 4 weeks after the event. Gift Registries must be closed and finalised by the registrant(s) within 12 months of the event date. WGD has the right to recover any increases in gift recomended retail pricing passed on by suppliers and charge an administration fee of up to 10% of the registry value from registrant(s) who do not close and approve their gift registry within 3 months of their event date. Registrant(s) must spend their gift vouchers and any credit balance when finalising their gift list - an AGD gift voucher will be issued for credit balances remaining of $10 or less. Gifts/credits/gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for items as listed/nominated by WGD from time to time, including but not limited to cash, third party vouchers, Wishing Well and Honeymoon contributions. Gifts/credits/gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for electronic/electrical items or BBQs/gas heaters/furnishings valued at more than $400. With both the Standard and the Exchange Delivery options, registrant(s) can make purchases from their gift registry to complete sets, buy unpurchased shares, additional gifts and chose replacements for discontinued gifts.  Any gift registry/list not closed within 12 months of the event date shall not be available for redemption.

Delivery of gifts

The Standard Delivery option’s delivery window 4 to 5 weeks, while the Exchange Delivery option’s delivery window is 5 to 6 weeks from the date the registry is finalised, excluding Australian public holidays and the period between Christmas eve and 3 January (both dates inclusive) of the following year. Please allow an extra week for any deliveries to WA, NT, SA and TAS. Dispatch of backordered/specially sourced gifts may be delayed and delivered separately. Please note the dispatch and delivery of specially sourced/individually produced/manufactured gifts depends on the manufacturer/supplier's timing thereof and WGD will not be held liable for any resulting dispatch/delivery delays. Gifts will be dispatched with one of our preferred independent freight companies/Australia Post for delivery on a weekday, between 9am and 5 pm. Registrant(s) will be notified by email of the delivery details at the appropriate time.

* Notwithstanding any special/free delivery offer which may be applicable, fragile, oversized or over weight gift deliveries including, but not limited to white goods/appliances/TVs/BBQs/gas heaters/bicycles/luggage/furniture/carpets/mirrors/outdoor equipment may be delivered separately (sometimes directly from the supplier), unwrapped and without gift cards/tags, during business hours Monday to Friday. These gifts will incur a delivery fee which is payable by the registrant/s before the dispatch of their gifts. Please note any WGD credit held by the registrant/s cannot be used to offset/pay any such additional delivery charges.

An additional/second delivery fee will be charged by WGD if the delivery details provided are incorrect when the registrant/s finalise their gift registry, or no one is available at the nominated delivery address to accept delivery of the gifts on the nominated delivery day, resulting in a repeat delivery. Gifts that have been delivered may not be exchanged or returned unless damaged or faulty at the time of delivery. 

Written notification and images of any damaged or incorrectly delivered gifts must be received by WGD within 5 days of their delivery to/collection by the registrant/s or customer to qualify for replacement or exchange. The damaged/faulty/incorrectly supplied gift must be returned in its original packaging with all attachments, instruction manuals, etc by the registrant/s to the WGD warehouse to allow for a proper assessment.

WGD offers an overseas delivery service for registrant(s) gifts – please contact WGD for further details. Air freight and comprehensive insurance costs will be quoted and are payable to WGD by the registrant(s) prior to the dispatch of any gifts. WGD is not responsible for any damage/loss, or the costs thereof, incurred while the gifts are in transit.

Delivery Fees charged to registrants and guests

There is no delivery charge to the registrant/s or their guests for delivery in Australia. Please note however large/overweight/fragile gifts will incur an additional delivery fee which will be quoted and must be paid by the registrant(s) before delivery of the gift - please see additional information under 'Delivery of Gifts' above. Registrant/s will be charged an additional delivery fee by WGD where an incorrect delivery address is given or no one is available at the nominated address on the nominated day of delivery to accept and sign for the gifts when the freight company attempts delivery, resulting in a repeat delivery by the freight company.

Gift Wrapping and Service Fees

Where  registrant/s or their  guests choose to have their gifts wrapped, the guests will be charged a wrapping fee of $8.95 per order. Guests will be charged a nominal service fee of $4.95 in order to cover transaction and processing costs. Wrapping and service fees are non-refundable and may be changed by WGD from time to time without prior notice.

Gift Pricing and Premier Pricing Policy

WGD prices are the supplier/service provider/manufacturer's recommended retail price (RRP), in line with the large Australian department stores pricing policies. Where the RRP is unavailable WGD uses the best market price estimate available. WGD reserves the right to adjust its pricing in line with supplier changes, without prior notification, and  includes gifts that have already been placed on a gift registry but which have not yet been purchased or where less than half of the shares of the gift have been purchased. All gifts and services attract a Goods and Services Tax (GST) and all prices listed on the website are GST inclusive. The price charged for a gift will not usually reflect any sale or promotional offer unless displayed on the website/set out in writing by WGD.

WGD is the only gift registry to offer the Premier Pricing Policy, the benefit of which is available to all registrants and guests. In terms of the Policy, WGD aims to match the non sale price at the time of purchase of a gift/s sold by an Australian retailer offering a similar online registry service, with at least one retail store. To take advantage of the policy registrants and guests must provide WGD with proof of the gift's pricing and availability (less than 5 days old) at a qualifying retailer. The Premier Pricing Policy does not apply to the purchase of shares of gifts, or where registrants use gift/credit vouchers to pay for gifts or directly/indirectly exchange gifts already purchased by guests. Gift purchases already processed and paid for cannot be retrospectively price matched.  

WGD offers a discount of 20% off the RRP to immediate family members (i.e. parents and siblings only) who spend $300 or more on any bed linen, cutlery, dinnerware or glassware purchased off their family member's registry. This offer excludes certain gifts as deemed by Wedding Gifts Direct (e.g. Electrical/Electronic items, Furniture, BBQ's, Gas Heaters, Honeymoon Vouchers, Wishing Wells and Gifts already discounted/on special) and cannot be used in conjunction with the Premier Price Match Policy. It is the responsibility of the family member to call or email Wedding Gifts Direct prior to making a purchase to take advantage of any discount. Please note unclaimed  discounts cannot be refunded after the purchase/s has/have been made and paid for.

Registrant(s) qualify for a Completion Discount of up to 25% off the RRP of any gifts they wish to purchase themselves either from their gift list or the full WGD product range (excludes Electrical/Electronic items, Furniture, Gas Heaters, BBQ’s, vouchers, discounted items and items already on promotion). This discount cannot be used in conjunction with the Premier Price Match policy.

Registrant(s) qualify for a Lifetime Discount of up to 25% off the RRP of any gifts/items bought from the WGD product range (excludes electrical items, electronics, BBQ’s, vouchers, discounted items and items already on promotion). This discount cannot be used in conjunction with the Premier Price Match Policy.   

Gift sourcing

WGD is the only gift registry to offer a free sourcing service for those 'favourite' gifts not included in our product range. This service excludes gifts which do not align with/fall outside of the WGD product/supplier range eg, clothing/apparel, plants, health and food products, sports equipment, computer/home office equipment, power tools, etc and is limited to 10 requests per registry. Additional sourcing requests will be charged for at $45 per request. WGD will charge $45 for any gift sourced which is later removed by the registrant/s from their registry. WGD does not guarantee the gift/s requested will be available and will only source gifts which can be purchased directly from Australian wholesalers/distributors. Specially sourced gifts cannot be returned under any circumstances nor is this gift sourcing service available after the wedding date. WGD cannot be held liable where the quality/colour/specification of the gift is found to be unacceptable or supplier/distributor concerned delays delivery of the gifts for any reason, in turn delaying delivery to the registrant/s by WGD.  

Post - delivery gift exchanges

Gift(s) may only be returned to, and will only be exchanged by WGD after a gift registry is finalised if it is deemed to have been faulty or damaged at the time of delivery. Any gift that needs replacing will be exchanged with the same/like merchandise or, where unavailable, by an AGD gift voucher to the same value. Items that have been delivered may not be exchanged or returned unless damaged, faulty or incorrectly supplied. Please note cash refunds will not be given if gifts are delivered in a faulty or damaged condition.

Registrant(s) must notify WGD in writing within five days of delivery of a damaged/faulty/incorrectly supplied gift to qualify for an exchange or credit. Once returned by the registrant(s), WGD will return the damaged/faulty gift to the supplier for assessment and, if deemed damaged or faulty by the supplier, provide a replacement. The damaged/faulty gift must be returned in its original packaging with all attachments, instruction manuals, etc to the WGD warehouse to allow a proper assessment thereof. If no replacement is available and the supplier passes a credit to WGD, the registrant/s will be issued with an AGD gift voucher to the same value as the supplier credit. Should WGD and/or the supplier decide the item was not damaged at the time of delivery and/or it is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty, a replacement or gift voucher may not be offered.

Guests who have purchased gifts from WGD will not be refunded if they change their minds. If a guest believes the wrong gift has been bought, he/she must contact WGD as soon as possible and we will do whatever we can to ensure the correct gift is listed against their name.

Special order items/gifts

Special Order items, which are indicated online in the discription or arranged by specific customer request, cannot be cancelled, returned or exchanged, as they are ordered in specifically for the recipient/s. (unless found to be damaged or faulty on delivery to the registrants/recipient).
*Special Order items - PLEASE NOTE
Custom and special orders are not returnable or refundable once purchased and the orders cannot be cancelled after placement. Special Order items may have a longer delivery time and you will be notified about delivery by email. 

Product Warranties

Product warranties and guarantees, service and support are provided by the manufacturer/distributor/supplier of the products/gifts and services directly to the registrant/s. WGD makes no representations nor gives any warranties/guarantees whatsoever or howsoever regarding any services or products/gifts offered through or purchased from the website. WGD is not responsible for the delivery to/return from a supplier/supplier nominated repair facility of a faulty product/item sent for repair/assessment under a supplier warranty claim. WGD is not liable to make good any direct/indirect loss suffered by a registrant/s where a warranty claim is declined or the product has been discontinued and cannot be replaced by the manufacturer/supplier.

WGD cannot be held responsible where warranties/guarantees are affected due to the gift/s being stored by WGD after the registrant/s have been notified they are ready for delivery and the registrant/s fail do not respond or request WGD to store their gifts. 

Special Offers and Promotions

WGD runs various promotions and special offers which may not be used together with any other WGD promotion, offer, price match given or family discount. These special offers/promotions are valid for limited periods and are subject to certain terms and conditions which are set out on the WGD website Special Offers page. Please note special offer/promotional gifts cannot be exchanged for cash or other gifts in the WGD product range. The terms and conditions of special offers/promotions include a minimum gift value (which excludes electrical, electronics, home entertainment, whitegoods, BBQ’s, Gas appliances/heaters, vouchers and gifts sourced for the registrant/s) to be purchased by guests before the registrant/s qualify for the special offer/promotion. It is the registrant/s responsibility to familiarise themselves with and make sure they fully understand all the terms and conditions of any special offer/promotion before registering with WGD. Special offer/promotional gifts/products qualified for will be delivered together with registry gifts. For the purpose of any promotions, the word 'gift' or 'gifts' does not apply to/include Wishing Well/Honeymoon Registry contributions and any third party vouchers.

Cancelled Events

Should the event be postponed or cancelled for any reason, the registrant/s must immediately notify WGD in writing as to whether the registry is to be put on hold/delayed or closed. Where the registry is to be closed, guests who have already purchased gifts from the registry have the choice of accepting the gift being delivered to the couple or nominating an alternative delivery address. Where guests choose to have the gift delivered to an alternative address, a delivery fee will be charged the quantum of which will be determined by the nature and size of the gift as well as the nominated delivery address and which is payable in full before dispatch. The purchase price of any gifts already purchased off a standard/exchange delivery option registry and any special order items ordered in (irrespective of the delivery option chosen) will not be refunded and will be delivered to the registrant/s or guests. Wishing Wells/Contribution registry contributions will be refunded to the guests or the couple.  Please note, this is the only circumstance where a cash refund is offered by WGD and an administrative fee of 30% of any monies refunded will be charged to the registrant/s, which fee is payable in full before any refunds are processed. Administration and wrapping fees paid on any Gift, Wishing Well and Honeymoon registries are not refundable.

An administration fee will be charged for any sourced gifts where a wedding is cancelled to recover costs incurred.


Gift Storage

Cuples who require Wedding Gifts Direct to store gifts after delivery is ready will be charged $99 per month, with the exception of furniture, white goods and large/fragile items which cannot be stored due to their size. Please note storage will be charged for any gifts stored for longer than 3 months from the date the couple is notified their gifts are ready for delivery. WGD is not responsible for insuring gifts, and is not liable for, any loss or damage of any kind to such gifts while being stored and the registrant(s) hereby indemnify WGD fully against any such loss or damage.

Kitchen Tea  & Engagement Registries

Please see the 'Delivery of Gifts' paragraph above for delivery information and timing. It is the responsibility of the registrant/s to finalise their gift registry timeously and is their responsibility to inform the guests that the gifts will not be delivered before/at the Kitchen Tea/Engagement. Should a registrant/s require their gifts to be delivered before the day of the Kitchen Tea/Engagement, please contact WGD to make the necessary arrangements and close your registry at least two weeks prior to your requested delivery date. Should your delivery be to WA, NT, or Tasmania please close your registry at least three weeks prior to the requested delivery date.                                                                                                             

Wishing Wells, Honeymoon and Charity Registries

Wishing Wells, Honeymoon and Charity Registries are free to set up and are additional services offered by WGD to registrants. Guests are charged a nominal, one off transaction fee of $9.95 to cover transaction costs incurred when processing Wishing Well, Honeymoon and Charity Registry contributions. WGD has the right to charge the registrant(s) a bank and credit card processing and administration fee of up to 3.95% of the value of any guest's Wishing Well, Honeymoon or Charity Registry contribution(s) where their contribution(s) exceed $250. This fee is charged to recover additional third party costs charged on the contributions and will be deducted from the registrant(s) when the contribution(s) are paid into their nominated bank account.

Registrant/s are charged a one off administration fee of $99, irrespective of the number/value of contributions received on behalf of the registrant(s). This fee is waived where the value of wedding gifts (excluding electrical/electronic gifts) bought from their gift registry (excludes Wishing Wells, Honeymoon and Charity Registries) exceeds $2,400. This fee will be deducted from the contributions to be transferred to the registrant(s) nominated bank account. Wishing Well, Charity Contribution and Honeymoon Registry contributions will be transferred to the registrant(s) nominated bank account 14 working days from the date the gift registry/Wedding Wishing Well is approved and bank details provided, excluding Australian public holidays and the Christmas New Year holiday week. WGD reserves the right to adjust this fee structure from time to time, without prior notice. 

It is the registrants responsibility to ensure the banking details given when finalising their registry/Wishing Well/Charity Contribution/Honeymoon registry are correct and complete. Where incomplete/incorrect banking details have been supplied, WGD will not reprocess the transfer of the contributions until the funds originally transferred have been returned to WGD. WGD cannot be held liable for the payment of contributions which are not recoverabl9e, where payment was made by WGD using incorrect banking details which were provided by the registrant(s). WGD has the right to charge the registrant/s a reprocessing fee of $99 which fee will be deducted from the amount transferred.

Tangible gifts available from WGD/any of its suppliers or vouchers from retail stores or gifts which WGD is at its discretion able to supply, may not be added by the registrant/s as Wishing Wells, including Wishing Wells using specific/generic descriptions thereof. WGD has the right to remove such Wishing Well from their website without prior notice and charge the registrant/s an administration fee of $75 per Wishing Well removed.  Alternatively WGD may at its discretion issue the registrant/s with a gift voucher in place of any such Wishing Well contributions received on behalf of the registrant/s or deduct an administration fee of 35% of the value of such Wishing Well contributions before they are paid across to the registrant/s.

Gifts or gift vouchers purchased for the registrant/s cannot be used to pay the Wishing Well administration fee or for additional Wishing Well/Charity Contribution/Honeymoon Registry orders.

Gift Vouchers

All vouchers or credit issued by WGD/AGD are valid for 12 months from date of issue and WGD/AGD cannot be held liable should the registrant/s fail to use the voucher/credit before the expiry date for any reason.  Vouchers are issued for AGD and are for exclusive use on www.anygiftsdirect.com.au

Referral Vouchers

The referring/referred registrant/s must notify Wedding Gifts Direct of the details of the referral by email within seven days of registration of the new gift registry with WGD. To qualify for a $100 AGD referral voucher, the gift registry in question must have guest purchases to the value of $3,500 or more, excluding Wishing Well/charitycontribution/Honeymoon contributions. The referral voucher must be claimed by the referer by email within 6 months of the approval and finalisation of the referred couple's gift registry. Claims for referral vouchers where the abovementioned conditions have not been met will not be entertained by WGD. WGD reserves the right to adjust the value of referral vouchers without prior notice. Qualifying referral voucher will be emailed to the referer/s after the approval and finalisation of the gift registry in question, and expire 12 months from the date of issue.

THIRD PARTY VOUCHERS issued by Wedding Gifts Direct

Vouchers issued by WGD entitling a registrant/s to purchase at favourable terms or receive free products, services or advice from a third party are not guaranteed by Wedding Gifts Direct in any way. In the event the third party is unable to supply the goods or service in full or part for whatever reason, WGD cannot and will not be held liable for any damage or loss of any kind. WGD does not warrant, represent or guarantee the delivery or standard of any service, product or advice provided by the third party. Any vouchers are issued are issued subject to and in compliance with the terms and conditions of the third party.


Returns and Exchanges for non – registry purchases only 

Product purchased from the website may be returned by post to Unit 22, 122 Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale 2100, NSW, within 5 days of receipt. Returns will be inspected on receipt and where received in the same condition as originally dispatched, an Any Gifts Direct credit voucher issued for the purchase price of the item less the delivery fees will be issued. This voucher is for exclusive use on www.anygiftsdirect.com.au Please notify Wedding Gifts Direct on 1300 443 834 of damaged or defective product within 3 days of receipt. Gift vouchers purchased are not refundable under any circumstance and are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Delivery fees charged are non-refundable unless the product/s is/are received damaged or faulty. Custom and special orders are not returnable.


Gift Delivery non - registry purchases only

Casual purchasing gift delivery is free over $100 within Australia. Delivery to New Zealand will be calculated at delivery.
Some items are noted as delivery not included and our customer care team will call to advise you of the cost of delivery once this has been calculated.


WGD ensures secure transactions on its website by using data encryption for the transmission of credit card details. The site uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, the industry standard 128-bit encryption, to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of your credit card information under our control. Once the processing of the transaction is complete, you and/or your guest's credit card details are deleted from our website. WGD is not responsible for any financial or other loss suffered by the registrant/s and or their guests resulting from the fraudulent use of any credit card details or information provided.

Restrictions on use of this website

Registrant(s)/users of this website may not copy, store, reproduce, or in any way exploit the information found on this website without prior written permission from WGD. This website may not be used to transmit any material which may be considered threatening, offensive or harmful in any way to any person, product or company (including WGD), nor may it be used to promote the use of any other business/company/fund/gift registry, competitive product or service (including private/public Wishing Wells, Honeymoon Funds and gift registries) in any way, explicitly or implicitly, without the prior written consent of WGD. WGD reserves the right to charge the registrant(s)/users who contravene these conditions in any way a $550 website utilisation penalty fee and immediately remove any such material or message or part thereof at its discretion from the website without prior notice, as well as suspend the registrant(s) from any further use of the messaging service or website. This website includes designs, images, descriptions, tag lines, wording, etc that are the property of Wedding Gifts Direct Pty Ltd which may not be copied, stored or reproduced in any way, by any person/company, under any circumstances.

Third Party Links

The content of any other websites that may be linked to this website is not controlled or managed by WGD. WGD is therefore not responsible for the content or accuracy of these other websites in any way.


Wedding Gifts Direct Pty Ltd reserves the right to decline to manage any gift registry, Wishing Well, Honeymoon registry or combination thereof. These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New South Wales, Australia. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in relation to these terms and conditions shall be resolved in a court with appropriate jurisdiction in Sydney, New South Wales.


To the extent that WGD is liable in relation to any gifts or services ordered and bought, that liability is limited, at WGD's election, to either a replacement or repair of the gift/s or a re-supply of the item/service. All claims for indirect or consequential loss are excluded and under no circumstances will WGD be liable to you in excess of any amount paid by you (or on your behalf) for items on this website.

WGD makes every effort to ensure that all material on this website is correct but does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information and images on this website, including any images/pictures, descriptions, availability and pricing of any products. Where an error has occured and product is incorrectly priced, described or the incorrect image has been attached, WGD is not be obliged to supply the product at the incorrect price or accordancing to the incorrect description or image even if an order has been processed and payment received. WGD reserves the right to correct any inaccuracies or errors without prior notice.  

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