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Limoges porcelain is created exclusively in Limoges, France from porcelain paste made with a subtle mixture of kaolin, feldspath and quartz.

Each coloured glaze, of which there are over 25, is created by the technique of ‘high melting’ coloured glazes which are fired to over 1100 degrees, has made this unique range of porcelain famous for its translucent appearance.   The gold and platinum has been delicately applied by hand to the rim and handles of each piece. The porcelain is then fired a second time in the kiln at approximately 820 degrees in order to solidify the gold and platinum to the porcelain. Each piece is hand polished to achieve the lustre and shine for which they are admired.  From Rose Petal to Provencal Blue, the colours play with the light and enable you to set a beautiful table, refined and always elegant.

Please call us for any special orders that you will like to place that are not available on our website.

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