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Getting Started with Wedding Gifts Direct - Five Simple Steps

Step 1 – Setting up your gift list
Step 2 – Telling your guests
Step 3 – Managing your list
Step 4 – Receiving your gifts
Step 5 – Enjoying the benefits after the big day

Spending hours wandering around a department store creating your gift registry is the last thing you want to do during your busy wedding planning process. Wedding Gifts Direct has helped thousands of couples create their dream wedding registries for the last 16 years and offer a free service that will take the stress out of your gift registry - and its quick, easy and can all be done online at a time that works for you!.

All you need to do is register online now and start choosing your gifts, or call us to arrange a complimentary consultation. It’s as simple as that!

STEP 1 – Set up your gift list

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Getting Started

Couples wanting to create their registry in their own time can set up online in about 2 minutes and then spend as long as they want, as often as they want, adding beautiful gifts to it. Our experienced wedding consultants are always available for a telephone consultation or to help with any queries over the phone 

Call us on 1300 443 834 or email us at info@weddinggiftsdirect.com.au


We recommend setting up your wedding registry 3 to 6 months prior to your wedding day, so you have lots of time to add all the gifts you have set your heart on by the time you post your invitations.

Selecting items for your registry

We have over 10,000 gifts listed on our website for you to choose from. Take your time going through our diverse selection of beautiful gifts and contributions - just select and add all those gifts you set your heart on to your registry as you go.

We recommend you add plenty of gifts from each price range to ensure you give your guests plenty of choice. Remember you are able to log in to your registry to make changes and add gifts to your gift list at any time before you close your registry after your special day.

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STEP 2 – Telling your guests

Our complimentary invitation inserts

Now you need to let your guests know where to find your gift registry. Our invitation inserts are elegantly designed, come free of charge and will discreetly let your guests know where to find your gift registry, how to access it and make purchases from your gift list. We recommend that you include these inserts with your invitations - telling your guests you will help avoid double-ups and make sure you are getting the gifts that you really want! We have learnt from experience that relying on “word of mouth” often means receiving gifts you do not want or need. Please see an example of our invitation inserts below. Please contact your registry consultant and let her know how many you need and we will get them in the post to you straight away.


Buying gifts

Buying a gift from your Wedding Gifts Direct gift registry is really quick and easy for your guests who are able to access and make online purchases from your gift registry anywhere in the world, 24/7. We have a currency converter to assist your overseas guests convert the various gift prices into their currency - in fact your whole gift list can be converted into the currency of their choice! All our gifts are priced at the recommended retail price or below which is in line with the department stores, and we have over 2,000 gifts on special at any one time! Guests pay a one off service fee when buying gifts or making wishing well/honeymoon registry contributions. For guests who are not internet savvy, we will happily process orders over the phone for them. Guests can also ask for a colour copy of your gift list to be posted to them to help them decide on a gift, and then call us to do the purchase over the phone.


Personalize your registry

You have the option of adding a photograph of yourselves and/or a personalised message to your registry, which your guests will see and read when they log on to your gift list to buy a gift.

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STEP 3 – Managing your list

Your couple’s login

You are able to manage your gift list online at any time via the Couple’s Login - add or remove gifts as well as update quantities. Changes can be made online anytime before you finalise your gift list after your wedding where you have selected the exchange delivery option. Where you have selected the standard delivery option gifts can be removed at anytime before they are purchased by your guests - additions can be made and quantities changed at anytime before you finalise and approve your gift list.

An up to date list of gifts purchased by your guests is available to you online using your Couple’s Login. You also have the option of automatic email notifications when guests makes purchases from your registry.

Wondering how to include that big BBQ to your list? Don't - you are able to split larger, high value gifts into shares to make them for affordable for your guests.

All the detail of what’s been bought and by whom is available in your “Thank You Card Manager” which means you can make an early start on your thank you cards!

When setting up your registry you have two delivery options to choose from.

The Standard Delivery option is faster - 4 to 5 weeks after you finalise your registry. With this option no changes are allowed to gifts once they are bought by your guests. After your wedding simply login onto your list, make any purchases needed to complete shared gifts, spend your gift vouchers, and purchase any additional gifts for yourselves. This option  does allow you to add but not remove gifts that have been purchased. Delivery is usually 4-5 weeks after you close your list. as we allocate your gifts as they are purchased by guests, you are less likely to have gift discontinuations.

The Exchange Delivery option takes a little longer - 6 to 7 weeks after you finalise your registry, but it offers you the convenience and flexibility of exchanging gifts bought for you online before you finalise and approve your gift list. No going back to the store to exchange double ups! Looking to complete your dinner set - no problem, put back a gift/gifts and use the credit to complete your set. You also qualify for a completion discount of up to 25% on any gifts you would like to purchase yourself! Exchange Delivery is available if you wish to remove gifts that have been purchased,such as if you receive double ups.To enable this flexibility, we allocate your gifts when you close your list & it is likely that you will have gift discontinuations. If you sign up online you will automatically be selected with the STANDARD delivery.

Wishing Well or Contribution Registry

Couples also have the opportunity to add a Wishing Well or Contribution registry to their list. Ideal for couples who prefer to recive cash from their guests that they can put towards a honeymoon, motgage or charity.To fulfil this, Wedding Gifts Direct has provided a unique Wishing Well that is a FREE* service to couples who are registered with us. $99 is only charged if you have less than $2400 in gifts (excludes honeymoon and gift contributions) purchased off your gift registry which is only deducted when we transfer guest contributions to your account. Guest charge is based on an average of $200 contribution on credit card or Paypal. 




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STEP 4 – Receiving your gifts

Arranging for delivery

Once you have approved your gift list, it is sent to our warehouse for processing - there is nothing more for you to do! Dispatch of your gifts will occur between 4 and 7 weeks from the time you approve your gift list, depending on which delivery option you selected. This gives you time to enjoy your honeymoon and make room for all your lovely gifts! Having a longer honeymoon? No problem, we will store them for free until you tell us you are ready to receive them - another service only available from Wedding Gifts Direct.

We deliver 5 days a week. Your cards will be beautifully hand written by our scribe while your gift tags are elegantly printed and delivered to you along with your beautiful gifts.

Need an overseas delivery? No problem, we offer an insured, door to door, airfreight service, the charges of which are for your account.

Thank you cards

Your “Thank You Card Manager” is available online at anytime through your login, where you can see what gifts were purchased for you, by whom together with their message. 

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STEP 5 – Enjoying the benefits long after the big day!

Your 25% Lifetime Discount

Our couples all qualify for a Lifetime Discount* up to 25%* on any purchases made online from our sister company, Any Gifts Direct. So, whether you need a gift for an anniversary or any other special occasion, or you are just spoiling yourself – you get the same great service, online convenience, huge range to choose from at great prices, all with your up to 25% discount!

*Wedding Gifts Direct promise to match or beat the listed non-sale prices of specialist registries, David Jones & Myer. Prices will only be matched at the time of purchase, and does not apply to shares of gifts. Simply come instore or email with a current catalogue of an in stock item to verify the price.

*Completion and Lifetime Discount excludes electrical, home entertainment, white goods, vouchers or specially sourced products

*Eligible family members of the bridal couple qualify for the 20% Family Discount on purchases over $300 on dinnerware, serveware,  glassware or cutlery and excludes specially sourced gifts electrical and electronic goods.

*Notwithstanding any special delivery offer which may be applicable at the time, fragile, oversized or over weight deliveries including but not limited to white goods/BBQs/gas heaters and appliances/bicycles/furniture/electronic and electrical goods may be delivered separately (sometimes directly from the supplier), unwrapped and without gift cards/tags, during business hours Monday to Friday. These gifts will incur an additional delivery fee which will be calculated and charged to the registrant/s before dispatch. Please note any WGD credit held by the registrant/s cannot be used to offset/pay any such additional delivery charges.


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