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Registry and Gift Tips

What is an online Bridal/Wedding Registry?

An online bridal/wedding registry service is the best way for bridal couples to make sure they get the gifts they really want while at the same time making the process as easy and quick and possible for their guests to choose and pay for the gift/s of their choice from the comfort of their home, wherever that may be in the world. 
Wedding Gifts Direct is the leading Australian online Bridal/Wedding Registry with a reputation earned over the last 18 years of outstanding personal service enjoyed by couples and guests alike, a user friendly website with an extensive range of gifts to choose from, great prices and flexibility, with the quickest gift delivery time available. Your personal bridal consultant will help you every step of the way to make sure your gift registry is the easiest and most fun part of all your wedding preparations. 
An online bridal registry with Wedding Gifts Direct is the “one stop shop” where guests can purchase anything from wishing well contributions towards your honeymoon, house renovations or home furnishings, electronics, appliances, glassware and so much more – from being spoilt to the essentials you need for setting up your new home. 
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Wedding Gifts Direct is the Australia’s registry of choice for couples looking for outstanding service with a wide range of gifts at great prices. We offer exclusive brands, unique gifts, free gift sourcing and  the option of a wishing well or contribution registry as well! 
From beautiful homewares to electronics, artwork to bedding, furniture to a Honeymoon or a Contribution registry.
With expertise from your very own bridal consultant together with a user friendly website,  happily ever after starts here and not just with your partner … make sure you get the gifts you really really want!  
We also offer a premier price match policy which matches our prices with any Australian department stores.
All couples are very different, and at Wedding Gifts Direct we know first hand that there is no “one size fits all” approach to building your wedding registry.
Whether you have been living together for years already and need to upgrade your cookware or you are the adventurous types and looking for an fun-filled honeymoon – These wedding registry tips will help you create a wedding registry that reflects you!!
When you create your own Registry at Wedding Gifts Direct – You can choose whether you would like a Gift Registry, Wishing Well Registry, Honeymoon Registry or a combination of all three on the one registry! 


Now more than ever, couples are building registries that are a mix of traditional and modern with cool and above all useful gifts. With so many couples living together prior to their wedding these days, you have more than likely set up your home all ready - so we are finding some new trends that we would love to share with you whilst you build your own Wedding Registry with Wedding Gifts Direct; 



With Wedding Gifts Direct you do have the incredible flexibility and option to build a wishing well, gift or combination registry. This presents to you endless opportunities as you can even customize your own wishing wells as they appear on your gift registry. ie honeymoon massages, home renovations, dinner under the stars etc. 
With a mix of generations generally invited to your wedding however, we do find all the time that many guests still prefer to gift you a physical gift towards your home. So we highly recommend you consider adding to your wishing well registry some staple home items, ie a set of beautiful Sheridan towels, gorgeous couch throw for the winter nights, or Aura Home quilt sets for example.



A wedding registry is a fantastic way to build the ultimate dream list and the best part of a gift registry with Wedding Gifts Direct is you do have the flexibility to split larger ticket items. Essentially this means you can divide a gift into smaller shares for your guests. 
We are told many times that guests love being able purchase staple and timeless items such as a Kitchen Aid mixer as part of a group gift they otherwise wouldn’t usually purchase by themselves!!



Whilst building your gift registry you will come across some items that can really help your house transform into a home. 
A great way to this is via incorporating Art. A popular gift registry favourite with our couple is Urban Road. 



Add some color and pop to your gift registry and home via some unique pieces from our website, such a statement piece of resin art from Dinosaur Designs. Unique useable art is always a favourite with couples and their guests! 
Warm regards,
Lucinda xxx

What's Your Wedding or Gift Registry Style? 

Are you traditional? Are you Modern? Do you Love Designer? Are you the couple who has everything and just want a wonderful Honeymoon? Are you not sure? Look no further we have all the options!



1.The Traditional Registry for the new home owners; 

Wedding Gifts Direct offers a superior service with more options and benefits for you and your guests. We are here to help guide you through an almost endless selection of products and brands, resulting in your perfect gift registry. You can view and choose from a vast selection online from suppliers around the world – All available here!
Wedding Gifts Direct is the only Wedding Registry to SOURCE FOR FREE! So if we don’t have what you are after, let us know and we will do our best to source it for you!
Also unlike many other registries and Department Stores, Wedding Gifts Direct also offers the flexibility to SPLIT SHARES on larger items you choose for your registry! Making your wish list more affordable for your guests, they will thank you! This is ideal for the couple wishing to build their home and are after new white goods for their kitchen for example!!
2. The Registry to Upgrade your home
You have been living together for a while and really want that Kitchen Aid Mixer to make dinners a little easier!! Again remember you can SPLIT SHARE large items gifts – an incredible feature to Wedding Gifts Direct that allows guests to purchase shares and go in on an item together, they will thank you and you get the items you would really love! win win!!
3. The Action packed Registry for the Adventurous Couple;  
Is an active holiday more you type of thing than home wares? How about registering for experiences like a cooking class or a Jungle Trek for your honeymoon? Or maybe a massage on the beach under the stars is more your thing!!
You can even customise your own wishing wells and honeymoon funds!! So add a image and a description personalised for your own registry and experiences!
Whichever you decide, get ready for some picture-perfect memories together and an influx of photos on social media to show your guests where they helped contribute towards!
4. Combination Registry for the Indecisive Couple. 
Not too sure whether you would like to add to your new home, have wishing well or a honeymoon fund?…..Add all 3 and make a combination Registry!!!!
If you aren’t sure what to add some gift vouchers to your registry – A fantastic way that gives you a little bit of time to decide what you would like later on with credit for the wedding gifts direct website! A very popular item for Registries!
Also even if your registry is LIVE – You can still update your (un-purchased) gifts right up until your wedding! So no need to panic when your invitations go out, you still have time to play with and adapt your registry! This is a flexibility is exclusive to Wedding Gifts Direct and one our couples LOVE!
Remember too you always have the option of selecting an exchange registry….which gives you even more flexibility with the option of exchanging gifts later after your wedding (Particularly useful if you think some family and friends may still purchase outside of the registry and you end up with 3 x set of steak knives)!!!
We are always here to help!!! You are assigned your personal Bridal Consultant, who is ready to go and build your registry with you  – So send us an email at giftlist@weddinggiftsdirect.com.au if you get stuck!!
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Wedding Wishes: Some tips of what  to write in a Wedding Card or Gift Tag to accompany a Wedding Registry Gift or a Wedding Registry Wishing Well Contribution.

Whether you select a gift or wishing well you have the option to leave your couple a little message with a gift tag or card. When speaking to guests we always find this part in particular is where many are a little stumped for inspiration, so we thought we would share of the most commonly used to get you started and designing your own message!

Wedding card etiquette 101

Wedding Gifts Direct offer a variety of cards and gift tags that you can select from at the checkout point to accompany your gift or wishing well contribution. For that extra touch, all messages are scripted with beautiful handwriting to your card or tag and presented with your gift when the newlyweds arrange delivery. We do find that some guests may also to prefer to take a second card with them as well to the engagement party, kitchen tea, bridal shower, wedding or commitment ceremony - an option you may consider!


Some tips on what to write

The perfect wedding wish is sentimental, short and sweet! We recommend tailoring your message to your couple - ie are they know for a having a funny sense of humour, we recommend you a leave a suited message. We have some of most popular formal and casual messages below to get you started.



Formal Messages;

"Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness."

"May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy."

"May the love you share today grow stronger as you grow old together."

"May today be the beginning of a long, happy life together."

"Wishing you joy, love and happiness on your wedding day and as you begin your new life together."


Casual Messages;

If a formal message isn’t for you then leave a casual message - be yourself!

"Best wishes!"

"Congratulations on your wedding!"

"Lots of love today and beyond."

"Here's a little something to start your life together."

"Wishing you a long and happy marriage."

"Wishing you the best today and always."

"Best wishes for a fun-filled future together."


The options are really endless. Have some fun and we look forward to seeing what you come up with!



Creating your dream wish gift list, is fun! A chance for you to add items you wouldn’t perhaps splurge on yourself....but with the capability to SPLIT SHARE into smaller amounts for your guests, they will love the chance to purchase your timeless registry pieces with other family members and friends!
An all-time favourite item for Kitchen Tea, Engagement, Wedding and Commitment Ceremony registries is the Kitchen Aid. A staple kitchen piece that will keep on giving long after your registry and one our couples and their families love!
You can see the whole Kitchen Aid selection HERE




Our Bridal Consultants at Wedding Gifts Direct have compiled a list of their top 3 most frequently questions of the week to help save you some time; 




Unlike many registries, Wedding Gifts Direct offers FREE delivery Australia Wide!! (This includes smaller rural areas too). The only time postage will be charged is if you add large/overweight or fragile gifts which will then incur an additional delivery free. These items are marked on the website when you add to your registry, so you will know upfront if additional postage fee will be required. 




We keep a track of ALL purchases for you by which guests (including wishing well donations). This is to help with you writing your thankyou cards and an additional service our couples always love! 


To access your Thank You Card Manager, please go into your login and click on the “Thank you card manager”. This is a summary of the gifts bought for you by your guests and their messages.




You can close your list online at any time suitable to you (within the nominated timeframe as per our terms and conditions of 2 years). We suggest you close your list a week to 10 days after your wedding as we regularly find many guests would still like to purchase gifts after the wedding date. Leaving your gift registry open for too long however may increase the chance of seasonal gifts becoming unavailable, so we advise 10 days after is a good time to close and approve your registry. 


To close your list - Login to your registry

Go to registry settings – click on the button  Close Gift Registry  which takes you to the ‘finalise registry’ page. Here you can add gifts, make any exchanges (Only if you have selected the exchange option) and replace any gifts marked as discontinued. A question we are regularly asked all the time – no your guests won’t be notified of any gift replacements/exchanges. 

Finalise the registry after making all your changes - Once you are happy with the list, click  Submit Registry  and we will begin ordering any gifts not already in stock.



Customise your Registry -  yes we source for free for your dream giftlist! 

A fantastic and exclusive benefit of Wedding Gifts Direct is that we can customise your gift registry with you!!
You are not constricted to the website like many other registries and you are assigned your own personal bridal consultant to help you with every step of building your dream gift list. 
To do this is really easy, send your bridal consultant at giftlist@weddinggiftsdirect.com.au an email with links to the items you have seen and we take it from there.

Are you ready for the Winter Nights? 

Kitchen Aid Cook Processor is the staple registry item for the Kitchen enthusiast - Your registry is the perfect way to build your dream list and Kitchen Aid should be on the top it!
Did you know that Kitchen Aid also have an online foodbook dedicated to making dinner easy to accompany your Kitchen Aid cook processor/mixer and help inspire you?
Remember you can split share you Kitchen Aid items on your Registry too! 
Call our team at 1300 443 834 to ask about the options available. This is a much loved feature from our couples!
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Warm regards,


Lucinda Bartkaitis

Bridal Consultant 

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