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Body Analysis Bathroom BMI Scale – Black

Brabantia - Body Analysis Bathroom BMI Scale – Black

RRP: $209.00  

Price: $159.00

Save $50.00 

Measures your weight, body fat,water and muscles percentage +BMI for monitoring your personal fitness. Diary included.

The Brabantia Body Analysis Scale Black is the perfect health companion for the entire family. Designed in Europe with the latest in scale technology, the Brabantia Body Analysis Scale measures not just weight, but also water, fat and muscle figures, giving you a greater all round figure for your body. It also measures your Body mass Index (BMI), allowing for easy comparison of standardised result and statistics. The Brabantia Body Analysis Scale Black features a memory function, storing data for up to 8 individuals, making it perfect for the entire family. As is the auto on and auto off features, which will start the scale once you step on and turn it off when it is no longer needed to maintain and save battery. A large digital display makes it easy for you to read the figures form your Brabantia Body Analysis Scale, and the large stable base with non-skid feet ensure maximum comfort and balance and prevents unnecessary movements when using. Backed by a generous warranty, the Brabantia Body Analysis Scale is feature packed and perfect for the entire family.
Dimensions: 35 x 31 x 2.4cm (LWH)
Designed in Europe
Measures fat, water and muscle figures
Body Mass Index (BMI) reading for comparative purposes
Extra large capacity (max 160 kg/352 lbs/25 stones)
Accurate, digital system - 0.1 kg/0.2 lb/0.02 st. increments
Memory functions collects and stores individual data for up to 8 users
Auto on features requires you to simply step in for the scale to turn on
Auto off feature automatically shuts down the scale when not in use to save battery
Large digital display allows for easy reading
Large stable base is comfortable and balanced
Easy to carry due to the integrated handle
Non-skid base plates ensure no unnecessary movements when using
Personal diary included to monitor your fitness
Measures in kilos, pounds and stones
Require 4 x AAA batteries (Included)
5 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee