Simple Ways to Help Your Bridesmaids With Their Finances

Simple Ways to Help Your Bridesmaids With Their Finances
Post written by: Aria Halstan


While sticking to a budget is essential as a bride, it is important to remember that your bridesmaids may have a financial plan of their own as well. A lot of additional costs come along with being a bride’s right hand gal— like the bachelorette party, dress, and hair and makeup. When allocating all of these costs together, plus preparing for the actual wedding, funds can become a sore subject as much as it is an honor for them to be apart of your special day. To ensure your wedding party avoids falling into a financial burden, here are some tips to consider.

Hold a Group Meeting
The best way to talk about financial requirements is to schedule a meetup with your wedding crew. By bringing every bridesmaid into one space, divvying up responsibilities becomes easier and individual tasks are well-known moving forward. When each bridesmaid has knowledge of their spending limit, it can reduce stress and allow them to budget their funds correctly, to avoid unexpected expenses throughout the planning process. Let them know that you’re aware of the costs associated with being a part of your wedding to make them feel comfortable with sharing any payment issues they may experience along the way.

Share Some Great Ways to Save
When you recognize that a bridesmaid’s budget is just as important as your own, your willingness to help out will become a stronger dedication. Most likely, your bridal crew will have questions about managing money, tasks and deadlines. To avoid a financial disagreement or mishap, share your personal advice and help your friends through the planning process if needed. Are there practices you’ve found successful that could be beneficial for your bridesmaids— using a personal loan to keep your expenses on track, renting your dress instead of buying one, or outlining a budgeting spreadsheet to stay organized? Share your methods and take value in your guidance so your girl gang can learn from your expertise.

Provide Travel and Hotel Accommodation Options
Showing your appreciation is key, and surprising them with a low cost wedding accommodation option will be sure to put a smile on their faces. Travel can be costly, and while reserving a fancy room at your provided hotel is as well, communicating with a facility manager may not be a bad idea. Let them know you’ve chosen their hospitality as the perfect experience for your guests, and be sure to ask if they offer any wedding party discounts during the stay. If so, this will lower the overall bill for your bridesmaids, preventing the chance of a financial freakout.

Don’t Expect Immaculate Pre-Wedding Events
A bridal shower and bachelorette party take on more preparation and costs than you think. You may have bridesmaids who are wealthier than others or who are in life situations that require a lot of saving up— so don’t anticipate each bridesmaid contributing the big bucks. And while you might be expecting an extravagant gift from each of your guests, remember that your bridal party is already spending a lot of money on your wedding. Make sure to add some less-expensive gifts to your registry for people who are on a budget. Be flexible, understanding and realize that certain details you may have wanted may not pass their budget restrictions. Instead, encourage your women of honor to plan on the cheaper side with DIY decorations, an inexpensive venue or setting a price limit on gifts.

Let Them Determine Their Look

If you’re a lenient bride who wants less control over dress, hair and makeup options, have your bridesmaids pick and choose what they feel most comfortable doing with their appearance— just as long as it’s wedding appropriate of course! Letting your girls pick out their own dress in the designated color you’ve provided will give each person wiggle-room in their own budgets. Hair and makeup could be necessary for you as a bride, but for your bridesmaids, let them walk down the aisle with their natural hair, and do their own makeup if they want to. If your bridesmaid has a specific makeup and hair routine of their own, let them embrace their look.

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