How To Select The Ultimate Honeymoon Destination



Your honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to savor the beginning of your new life together. After piecing together your wedding, you’ll be ready for a break from all the work and effort that went into your big day. Here’s how to plan a honeymoon that will be fun for you both, recharge your batteries, and start your marriage out on the right foot.

Plan and prioritize

Just like ensuring your wedding day goes off without a hitch, planning an unforgettable, amazing honeymoon takes time, contemplation, and effort. Start by selecting a destination that will make you both happy. Forbes notes statistics indicating most couples end up funding their own honeymoons, so mull over how much you can spend and what your priorities are. Think in terms of a trip aimed toward celebrating your union and what is unique to each of you. With that in mind, both of you should weigh in on the whats and wheres.

Traveling abroad

Heading to foreign soil might be exactly what you and your partner have in mind, and options are almost limitless. Here are a few fun suggestions:

If variety is what you’re seeking, an Australian honeymoon could be just the ticket, offering everything from rainforests to mountain ranges to cosmopolitan cities to desert sands. Bear in mind, Australia is huge, so seeing as much as possible often means a road trip after you arrive down under. If an epic road trip sounds appealing, consider purchasing a vehicle for your adventure rather than renting. It’s typically a substantial money-saver since you can resell your investment before you head home, and it allows you more freedom during your explorations. Gumtree offers a terrific search tool for finding the perfect wheels for your travels.

If an exotic, remote, tropical island is calling your names, consider the Seychelles archipelago, which is home to sandy beaches, coconut palms, luxurious resorts, and wildlife not unlike the Galapagos. You can dine on Creole cuisine, lounge in the sun and sand, shop for batiks, and even stay in a beach hut. Conde Nast Traveller points out the best time to visit Seychelles is between May and and October, and you can stretch your dollars furthest on the island of La Digue.

For history and romance, you can hardly beat Venice. Canals, stone buildings, art, fine food and gondoliers are a major draw, although the city can be particularly crowded, especially during the summertime. If that is a concern, you can use this handy calender to determine how heavy the city predicts crowds will be during your stay. Also note it can take time for getting around Venice, and getting lost is not unusual, so some experts suggest leaving your schedule loose during your visit. You also can purchase a pass for the city’s public transportation, which is a great way to boost convenience and make the most of your budget.

Staying in the States

Of course, the United States offers a cornucopia of wonderful honeymoon destinations. Some of the most popular choices include California wine country, the Hawaiian islands, or Las Vegas, or you can think outside the box and opt for somewhat unexpected destinations, such as Minneapolis, Nantucket, or the Adirondacks.

Sit down together and talk through what features are important to you. Do you want to lounge in sun and sand, visit a new city, take a cruise, or venture abroad? Make some notes about your favorite kinds of activities, rather than specific places, and decide how much you can budget for the trip. Also, if you opt for international travel and don’t already have a passport, normal turnaround time for a new passport can take around six weeks. A name change also takes around six weeks, so arrange accordingly.

Planning a great honeymoon starts with a well-chosen destination. Think through what will work with your budget and timeline, and make choices that will be fun and satisfying for you both. With a little time and thinking, you can get your honeymoon and marriage off to a perfect start.

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