The 12 month Count-down to your Wedding!!

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12 month count-down to your wedding

Congratulations!! You are getting married, and planning your gift registry is just one of the many items on your “to-do” list. At Wedding Gifts Direct we want to hear about how stress free planning your wedding was; from buying your dress, to organising your online gift registry with us!

47cf68eb67bef173234d21602432649cPlanning your wedding is part and parcel of getting married, it’s hard not to get swept up in the fun of it all – there’s so much to plan, and it can seem quite daunting, but at Wedding Gifts Direct we have put together a little check list – what to do during those 10 to 12 months before your wedding. There is a lot to consider and it’s not unreasonable to be thinking of your plans 12 months in advance.


Celebrate – That is the first thing to do, before you even consider one wedding plan, sit back and enjoy this first step – your engagement

Pick the date – Is there a special date that has meaning to you? Are there events throughout the year that will clash? Perhaps ask your family if the date suits them – people often have regular weekend commitments – sports, work, try and pick a date that suits as many of the immediate family as you can. Remember during the busy Wedding Season of Spring, many suppliers are booked up to 18 months in advance (in particular photographers and venues book fast!).


The location – Where are you getting married? Look for and book your venue – never leave this too late, weekend dates are usually reserved quickly, especially if you have chosen a very popular venue. Remember weekday weddings are becoming more and more popular!

Budget – Right from the start establish with your family who will be paying for what and allocate a budget from the beginning….and stick to it! Record all purchases and keep a tally.

Also NOW is the time to determine what you will be paying for when you choose your bridal party…will you be purchasing the dresses and suits, shoes, makeup, hair etc?

Wedding party – Choose who you both would like to be with you on your big day – are you keeping it simple, or extravagant? Don’t feel you need to include everyone in your bridal party! Many weddings as of lately only have 1 maid of honour/best man with a number of siblings and friends included in other ways during the wedding. ie signing the registry etc.


Guest list – Wedding Gifts Direct suggests to set a maximum number and from there work backwards. This makes it easier to stick to set number and not adding family and  (very tempting…but this is where you will blow out on your budget)!! Another idea is to keep your wedding intimate with smaller numbers and instead have a larger engagement party / post wedding party where you can invite those family members you haven’t seen for 5 years!!!

Is there a “theme”-  Would you like a theme?  Whether it be a country, beach or winery wedding etc? Also a colour theme? – Black and white, pastels etc?

Before you pick a dress or organise flowers you need to work out your plans for the day, this can be anything from just incorporating a colour through the dress, flowers and decorations to going all out with a specific “theme” to the day.

Changing plans after you start purchasing items is another budget blower!! A great way to design your wedding is via concept boards, whether via pinboard with magazine cuttings or pinterest – when you start, stick to it – you started this theme for a reason!!!


Do you want a wedding planner – Depending on the budget, the size of your wedding, your wants and needs and most importantly the time you can commit to planning your big day, you may need to hire a wedding planner. This can help take a lot of stress from you and they will be also able to sort your online bridal registry or honeymoon registry out for you through Wedding Gifts Direct.

More importantly Wedding Planners are great to utilise on the day and project manage your bridal party and all service providers!!

Celebrant or minister – Church or non church wedding – do you have someone in mind to officiate on the day or will you need to hire someone? Remember you will need to lodge all paper work (depending on your State) with a min of 3 months, so get cracking!!

There is so much to do, don’t leave organising your wedding registry to the last minute!

BONUS TOP TIP!! Think about the time of day that you would like to get married. Traditionally an afternoon ceremony at 3pm etc can be more expensive with a sit down 3 course reception dinner than an mid-morning/lunch wedding with a cocktail style lunch reception. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 – THE COUNT DOWN FROM 6 MONTHS ON….

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