Mañana Lamp – Design House Stockholm

Designed by Marie-Louise Gustafsson

The cutest Wall lamp has just arrived at Wedding Gifts Direct:

Marie-Louise Gustafsson’s Mañana Lamp seems to have escaped from a comic strip, an insolent caricature leaning against the wall, just waiting for someone to turn it on. And why shouldn’t a lamp have plenty of character, a pencil thin, graphite grey sketched portrait with the power to entertain and tease? Marie-Louise’s approach mimics her everyday self, and is retained in the lampshade that can adjust its gaze sideways. “I rarely get an idea as quickly and directly as this, but the Mañana lamp came like a flash. I had worked too hard prior to an exhibition, and I drew my own body in different shapes in order to relax and get some perspective. And the form just stepped right out at me, out of the sketch book, and I rushed to the workshop!” Marie-Louise also designed the bicycle basket Carrie for Design House Stockholm.

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