Bridal Trends for 2013

As 2013 draws closer, its time to think about all things trending right now for Weddings in the new year. Im pleased to bring you the top 10 trends thanks to 3D-memoir!

1. Mint. Mint will be the color of choice for brides in 2013.

2. Birds. Birds are everywhere in home decor right now and this will carry over into wedding decor.

3. Paper Lanterns. Paper Lanterns are inexpensive wedding decor and easy to embellish!

4. Braids. Braids are in every hot summer movie and they will be big for wedding hair styles in 2013.

5. Laser-Cut Designs. Eye-catching cut out designs will be seen on everything from invitations to dresses.

6. Chicken Wire. Move over burlap. This inexpensive farming material will be the hot rustic wedding decor item.

7. The 1920s. The release of the Great Gatsby movie will bring this glitzy decade back into fashion, especially for weddings.

8. Backgrounds. Whether it is for the photo booth, the dessert table or behind the head table, the possibilities for backdrops are endless!

9. Garlands. Garlands, buntings and pennants will all be a strong trend in 2013, because they are easy to DIY.

10. Bark. Great for rustic or nature theme weddings, bark has made a resurgence for wedding decor.

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