Introducing: Charlotte Rhys

Wedding Gifts Direct is delighted to add CHARLOTTE RHYS to our range, a top luxury brand with a strong environmental conscience.

Charlotte Rhys is South Africa’s leading luxury brand. They focus on the development and creation of exclusive, top-of-the-range bath, body and lifestyle products, and have a rigid philosophy of stringent quality control and an unwavering commitment to customer needs.

Their innovative creations are made with the highest quality natural ingredients, sourced in an eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable manner. Much of their ingredients are unique to Africa- when combined with Charlotte Rhys’ cutting-edge technology, this means that the range is very special. The products make a perfect gift for that someone in your life, or for a couple tying the knot.

All Charlotte Rhys products have been manufactured in compliance with Beauty Without Cruelty’s strict criteria and are entitled to carry the Beauty Without Cruelty logo on the packs. Their range is also free from harmful preservatives, chemicals and dyes, as well as animal products or derivatives. Charlotte Rhys places the highest emphasis on the ethics of their customers, and we here at Wedding Gifts Direct are proud to have partnered with them.

We are delighted to work with Charlotte Rhys, and their products are immediately available from our store.

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