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2 Stage Ceramic Water Sharpener  - Stainless Steel

Global - 2 Stage Ceramic Water Sharpener - Stainless Steel

RRP: $79.95  

Price: $69.95

Save $10.00 
Versatile knife sharpening made easy is exactly what this Global 2 Stage Ceramic Water Sharpener embodies.
This all-in-one Global 2 Stage Ceramic Water Sharpener features two wheels, one white and the other pink.  The white wheel is course and the pink is fine to ensure an all round sharpened knife.  The sharpening grooves are not parallel which means the whetstones have oblique angles to ensure razor sharp edges to your knives.
It’s simple to use, from beginners to experts and is ideal for Global knives, yet can be used on other knives.
Other features include a non-slip base and a stainless steel handle.
 Global is known around the world for its top-class kitchen knives. From a modest start, the Global Cutlery Range has grown to comprise over fifty specialised knives. You can be sure that there's a blade shape to suit any food preparation task that you care to imagine.